The modern Game

The modern Game

The modern version of dice games is the result of an ancient French game known as Le Lotto. Le Lotto pitted players against one another in a race to see who could pick theostfieriest number, which was then used as the banker for all of the players. By adding the dice to the game, the French were able to increase the excitement and remove the risk of the dice being thrown. The modern version of dice games is the result of the modernization of Le Lotto. As opposed to the old days where the game was played using three dice, the modern version uses six dice for the main series plus a small die for additional betting.

Dice games are offered in many forms. The most common of these is the numbered 6-sided dice game. This is the simplest form, and is the type of game that can be found in the majority of the games on casino floors throughout the world. Of course, there are articles that offer a variety of other types of dice games, allani, popwin, etc, but we feel that the 6-sided game is by far the most common form found in casino rooms.

The bank on your table

In the numbered 6-sided game, the dime ($1) is placed on the layout as the one-dollar bet. This bet is then placed on the six-sided dice in the middle of the layout, face up. As the shooter throws the dice, a random number is chosen. If the chosen number is on the layout (i.e., 6, 5, 4, 3, 2), the bet is a winner. The payoff for this type of bet is usually 15 to 1.

As you can see, the boxes on the layout aren’t there to keep track of what numbers were “bet” (happy mind and happy pockets) and what numbers went “out” (out of play). Instead, the box wherever that number is on the layout is chosen randomly at the beginning of each roll, and the dice are then moved to the opposing box at the opposite end of the layout. When the first box is chosen, the dealer tells the player, “The number you chose is the banker.” The term refers to the round of betting in which the player chooses a new box to bet in. Each time the player waves his or her hand this number (excluding the first one, of course, since there’s always a first box chosen) the bet moves to the next location in the layout, except when the dealer waves his or her hand. In short, the casino never lies to its customers.

The players then take turns going through each of the available boxes, and the dealer does the same moving each box, also in random order beginning with the banker. The players then win their spins, and the dealer keeps the money he or she has over each box. Obviously, the player has the most chances to win, but the dealer can help by resetting the banker box (which is obviously a much more difficult task). Each time a player bet on a box, the dealer changes the position of the box the player chose with the opposite end of the dice, meaning a new banker box is chosen each time. The casino takes a “rake” for each box the dealer changes, but the player has no way of knowing this (except through scrubbing the table).

Before you start playing, it’s well worth spending some time learning the odds of the various bets, as well as standard rules for the casino you’re playing in. Casino odds are completely different to the odds for online backgammon. Online backgammon, unlike casino backgammon, allows the players to bet on a player’s move before the dice are set. The dice aren’t influenced by the previous move, and cannot be moved or influenced by the way the player bets. Since the outcome of the dice roll is completely random (i.e., a 7 is always a winner over a 2, and a 10 always a loser over a 7), casino odds for single numbers are the same as online odds: the return is predetermined. Therefore, a player playing in a casino is always safe, no matter how bad the run of cards is. Conversely, since the casino never sets the dice in advance, a player can suffer long periods of losing, without knowing when to bet big or small, when to stop or continue, when to leave the table or machine, or when to turn over the dice.

Casinos usually have a restricted number of credit and non-credit players, and some casinos have a secret code word for employee’s safety (most likely, they don’t want anyone seeing me win). So, before you start playing, it’s best to play some free trial games.


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